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  • Celebrating Lunar New Year in Hearthstone!

    We’re stringing the lights to kick off the Lunar New Year in style! Beginning January 29th, the tavern will celebrate with a new Tavern Brawl, themed quests, and rewards!
  • Trailblazing the Road to Northrend!

    Saddle up with the League of Explorers and journey from sand to snow in the Road to Northrend tavern brawl.
  • Adventure Together at a Galakrond's Awakening Fireside Gathering!

    Gather your friends and choose a side – will you fight for Good or E.V.I.L in the final chapter of the Year of the Dragon?
  • Hearthstone Masters in 2020

    We’ve got a big year coming up for Hearthstone Esports!
  • Descent of Dragons is Now Live!

    It has come to this. Rafaam and his League of E.V.I.L. have set the final stage of their plan into motion: to resurrect Galakrond, the progenitor of all dragonkind. But the League of Explorers is hot on their heels...and they're bringing a few dragons of their own. Take to the skies — Descent of Dragons is now live!
  • Announcing Masters Tour Indonesia

    Have you ever played Hearthstone on the beach?
  • Hearthstone Update – December 5 – Descent of Dragons

    Prepare to take to the skies and battle above Dragonblight! Here are the full details of what’s coming to the tavern with the Descent of Dragons expansion, including a major update to Battlegrounds, and how to claim the Tyrande Priest Hero and Card Back for free with the launch of the new in-game shop!