Top Ranked Players – Europe - 14/11/2013

Top Ranked Players – Europe - 14/11/2013

Today, we’d like to share with you our top 50 ranked players from the European closed beta test. While everyone in the beta seem to be having fun collecting cards and figuring out their decks, some have set their hearts on being among the best players in the world, even at this early stage. To do so, they’ve been busy devising cunning strategies and working their way up the current ladder system.

Currently, it’s not possible to immediately view ladder rankings in-game, so we thought you’d like to get this snapshot – and if you’re named in this top 50, kudos to you! We really appreciate everyone who’s currently testing, having fun, and striving to be competitive in the current version of Play mode as we work on implementing the new Ranked Play system that we announced at BlizzCon 2013.

Please note that this list only includes players who have played at least 50 games in Play mode and are currently at the three-star Master ranking. This data is up to date as of yesterday, November 14.

Pull up a chair and join us in recognizing this week’s top 50 Hearthstone players in Europe!

1 Crux 26 Leloluch
2 Cryptic 27 Silentblade
3 R0NNYN 28 Memorize
4 TheDna 29 ryo
5 Bayka 30 Lowneil
6 Felyndra 31 RandomH
7 peffko 32 Eury
8 MaNzAnUKi 33 Schorenda
9 Renar 34 Dorim
10 Barrier 35 Minty
11 Tedde 36 Brzost
12 Trommer 37 wrysp
13 Hurrixd 38 PREdikus
14 Nether 39 Quna
15 Cipher 40 Kalle
16 Inkalm 41 DjinN
17 Twi 42 Chrylo
18 Manni 43 KOOMIJOH
19 Foffo 44 Mushroozard
20 Margras 45 Yomi
21 Weebey 46 Anderz1992
22 ImWicked 47 Salas
23 SmoothCrime 48 Jib
24 WhySoSkilled 49 MartyLang
25 Pain5991 50 Olinho

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