Test Season 3 Final Rankings – Europe

Test Season 3 Final Rankings – Europe

Today, we’d like to share with you the final standings of Ranked Play Test Season 3 from the European Hearthstone open beta test. While everyone in the beta seem to be having fun collecting cards and figuring out their decks, some have set their hearts on being among the best players in the world in Ranked Play mode, even at this early stage. To do so, they’ve been busy devising cunning strategies and working their way up the current ladder system.

This information is currently not immediately visible in-game and we are offering it as a nod of appreciation to those who continue to test, participate, and compete in our new Ranked Play mode.

Please note that this list only includes players who are currently at Legend rank. If not enough players are at Legend rank to display here, this list will display the top ranked Legend players as well as other top Ranked Play players in order of stars accumulated.

This data is up-to-date as of today, March 3rd, 2014.

Pull up a chair and join us in recognizing the top ranked Hearthstone players in Europe!

Ranking BattleTag Star Level
1 Montano L
2 Yliajo L
3 JRoc L
4 Innerlol L
5 tjenatjena L
6 Falcon L
7 Gaara L
8 ryo L
9 Knazpa L
10 Bibilicious L
11 Thrane L
12 July L
13 oRioN L
14 GreenSheep L
15 Ghnoy L
16 Dots L
17 Widowmaker L
18 Tonttu L
19 Meiynas L
20 Nik L
21 Nvx L
22 Giena L
23 Necro L
24 Hschool L
25 Moldran L
26 DecaPod L
27 Twi L
28 Smash L
29 Dotzgie L
30 UberRushung L
31 Scykron L
32 Asha L
33 JyskMuld L
34 Biscaf L
35 DrHoeh L
36 debos L
37 Patr1ck L
38 Shylst L
39 Ubi L
40 STanli L
41 Kolento L
42 rajta L
43 Syntaxx L
44 Frusciante L
45 DVD L
46 NaSoMaNiAC L
47 StahpItBlizz L
48 Kerber L
49 Logan L
50 XFied L
51 Nylaxina L
52 Kharn L
53 Ender L
54 Gradefor L
55 CookMySock L
56 GaninkwOw L
57 FrostHD L
58 kalhspera L
59 TikkiTavi L
60 Salsacoktail L
61 Eyecelance L
62 Andrea L
63 Pulverizer L
64 Synkk L
65 WaRHaMeR L
67 cecicup L
68 Gamers L
69 d4kk0n L
70 Viffor L
71 Dangoshin L
72 Predi L
73 solow L
74 cartofu L
75 Theude L
76 Alesh L
77 Broomance L
78 Pereira L
80 Nik L
81 mganso L
82 Wandal L
83 Konti L
84 Crash L
85 PeChOu L
86 Kolori L
87 Ness L
88 JohNyC L
89 Skunkzy L
90 saXel L
91 abab L
92 Philm7 L
93 Микри L
94 Yolkix L
95 Aluthiel L
96 Wuaschtsemme L
97 Cipher L
98 B3liK L
99 AlKarr L
100 Canoodle L

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