Watch and Learn with Gnimsh

Watch and Learn with Gnimsh

If you’re interested in sharpening your Hearthstone skills, plenty of people out there are making entertaining and informative videos. Among these luminaries you’ll find pro players and skilled amateurs who all share a common goal—to entertain viewers by sharing their knowledge of the game mixed up with memorable moments and even a few laughs along the way.

Today We’re Featuring Gnimsh!

streamerGnimish_HS_Profile_CK_250x300.pngOur Watch and Learn features thus far have focused on great streamers, but there are also players out there creating great video content in addition to streaming, and Gnimsh is one of them! Gnimsh is a successful pro Hearthstone player and a captain of the Cloud 9 Hearthstone team, which includes other famous names such as Hafu, Strifecro, EkOp, and Kolento! In addition to streaming his matches, he also helps produce and host the Turn 2 video podcast on

Gnimsh has also recently been found behind the podium shoutcasting major Hearthstone tournaments.

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Q: Can you tell us a little about your videos?
Gnimsh: Hey guys, I’m an easy going person who loves Blizzard games. On my stream I’m always vocal about my plays and try to explain the logic behind them, all while having fun and enjoying Hearthstone. I also often make lore comments as I’m a fan of Warcraft’s story and characters, or just chat about whatever is happening in our nerdy world.

Q: What’s your favorite Battlecry?
Gnimsh: The Imp Master’s “Ugh, I’m not a morning person!”

Q: How did you get into Hearthstone?
Gnimsh: I was one of the top World of Warcraft card game players with a long history in other TCGs. When Hearthstone was announced at PAX East, I knew that it would be my gateway to eSports and that I could transition from the tabletop to videogames. I’ve always loved the Warcraft universe and card games, and Hearthstone brings both of those things together to make my perfect game.

Q: Do you have any advice for new Hearthstone players?
Gnimsh: Take your time and have fun! There is no need for you to try to rush into the pro scene. Enjoy every moment of the game and its design, especially if it’s your first card game! The experience of opening your first card pack or defeating your first opponent is fantastic and really valuable!

When to Watch
You can find Gnimsh on every Thursday at 12:00 p.m. PDT on Turn 2. Gnimsh also streams during the week at around the same time, though he might not be streaming if he’s preparing for a tournament.

Don’t forget to follow Gnimsh on Twitter and get the latest updates on what he’s doing via Facebook. You can also find archived videos, including his four part Arena guide, on YouTube. We were charmed and amused by the adventures of #LME the murloc on Instagram, and enjoyed some great event pics too!