Preorder Blackrock Mountain Today

Preorder Blackrock Mountain Today

The time for adventure draws nigh! Soon, Blackrock Mountain will open to all those brave enough to enter and do battle against the fiery foes within!

Preorder Hearthstone’s second thrilling Adventure, Blackrock Mountain, and be ready to charge into the fray once each wing becomes available in your region! You’ll also gain immediate access to the Molten Core card back. This red-hot card back can only be obtained by preordering the Blackrock Mountain Adventure with out-of-game currency, including real money, iTunes® balance and Google Play™ balance.



Visit Hearthstone’s in-game shop to punch your ticket to Blackrock Mountain for €21.99 (£17.49) or for 24.99 € (£18.99) for iOS. Don’t forget to show off your blazing Molten Core card back once you’ve preordered!

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