The Innkeeper’s Tale – A Rattlin’ Rally

The Innkeeper’s Tale – A Rattlin’ Rally

My Inn is the kind of place that will always welcome anyone to everyone who’s willing to play fair and have fun, so we get all sorts. Some crowds leave a real impression, though.

Today was somethin’ else! The inn was packed, as usual. And there were folk of all kinds, also as usual. The funny thing was, most of ‘em were wearing the shiniest armor you ever saw--including the magic-using types! I even saw murlocs all geared up in plate, clankin’ about like wee fishy-smellin’ mechs. I’ll never forget the young Dwarven lass leadin’ a majestic unicorn around the common room! Some of the patrons seemed concerned, since getting impaled is usually inconvenient, but they had nothin’ to worry about.


Soon enough they all finished their brews (includin' the unicorn!), wrapped up their Hearthstone games, and got started on their journey. It was an inspiring sight, and I admit that I was sorry to see ‘em go.

I have to wonder where they were all headed. Of course, the Inn has a knack for putting itself right where the excitement is, so I reckon I’ll be findin’ out soon enough!

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