Host a Journey to Un'Goro Release Party!

Host a Journey to Un'Goro Release Party!

Welcome adventurers! With so much fun and excitement surrounding the launch of the latest Hearthstone expansion, it’s the perfect time to gather your fellow explorers for a Journey to Un’Goro Release Party to share the secrets and treasures you’ve uncovered. 

Pitch a tent, set up camp, and take lead your very own Journey to Un'Goro Release Party, and you could be rewarded with a bounty of swag—a support package full of awesome Hearthstone gifts!

Host a Fireside Gathering

Being a host isn’t just limited to experienced explorers! Becoming an Innkeeper is getting easier all the time. Simply head over to and submit your event details. We’ll review your event and let you know if it’s been approved.

You can plan your Un'Goro Release Party to occur anytime between April 15 and May 7, but in order to receive party favors, be sure to register your event before May 1.

Find a Participating Fireside Gathering

There will be camps all across the globe, so finding one close to you should be easy! You can visit for a listing, and search for local celebrations near you. Keep an eye on the Blizzard App when you play Hearthstone; you’ll get prompted to ‘Find a Fireside Gathering near you’ if one is available in your area.


There are a few requirements for becoming a host:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • Your Fireside Gathering must be open to the public, in a public space like a café, restaurant, bar, meeting hall, etc. 
  • Your event will need to be scheduled at so your guests can see the invite.

Plan and post your Journey to Un'Goro Release Party today!