Shaman Card Reveal: Earth Elemental

Shaman Card Reveal: Earth Elemental

Is that thunder in the distance? No, wait; it’s our latest Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft card reveal! The stalwart Earth Elemental rumbles onto the playing field in all of his boulderrific glory.

He really rocks. No, seriously.

The Earth Elemental is truly a gem amongst lesser, squishier cards, boasting a rock-solid 7 Attack and 8 Health for a meager 5 Mana. His Taunt power will protect your meaty, squishy Hero from even the toughest of blows. How do we balance the massive density of this minion, his incredible “stalag-might?” The Overload keyword stipulates that you have less Mana to spend on your next turn. So if you play the Earth Elemental on turn five, you’ll only have 3 Mana to spend on turn 6. Don’t take this bruiser for granite!

I could do this all day.

If an Earth Elemental dies, is that considered a proper burial?

The Overload penalty is only incurred when you play the Earth Elemental from your hand, so try combining Ancestral Spirit with His Royal Rockiness to side-step his drawback. A rolling stone gathers no moss, but this stony guardian will gather a headcount as he crushes the competition beneath him. With this combination, you might win by a landslide!

Seriously. All day.

Shamans have an incredible amount of power at their disposal, so you’ll find yourself flinging around bolts of lightning or summoning powerful elementals to do your bidding.

Oh, you’re still here? Since you were so kind to tolerate my pile o’ puns, I’ll leave you with one last thing.

It’s been quite the rocky road for the Banshee Queen.

Sylvanas Windrunner, the Banshee Queen. Sylvanas also works incredibly well with Ancestral Spirit because of her Deathrattle power. When Sylvanas dies, she steals a random minion from your opponent. Bring her back from death with Ancestral Spirit to do it again! Soon enough, all of your opponent’s minions will shout, “For the Forsaken!”

Rock on, Hearthlings!

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