Hearthstone Community: Fansites

Hearthstone Community: Fansites

The excitement for Hearthstone is growing, and so has the number of awesome fansites who have joined our community! Many informative pages have been popping up lately all over the web, from comprehensive databases and podcasts to video card reviews, news, and deck-building strategies, our fansites have all of the Hearthstone bases covered. Interested in the latest card we’ve revealed? What’s the latest and greatest in building the best deck for your class? Want to listen to people that love Hearthstone just as much as you do? If you want more Hearthstone, there’s a community for you out there! Take a look at some of these fansites below!

Databases & Wikis


Podcasts and Video


Not on this list? Have an active fansite you’d like to introduce to the community? Comment below (and provide a link to your site) to let us know! 

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