Hearthstone™ Community Creations

Hearthstone™ Community Creations

There’s a lot of love for Hearthstone™ out there, and some of our most talented crafters are hard at work forging Hearthstone-related goodies. We’re always pleasantly surprised by the sheer creativity of our community! Every hand-made object is a labor of love, and we appreciate seeing the talents of our incredibly creative Hearthstone community! Check out some of our featured works below!


SUPREMESTEVE carved an amazing real-life Hearthstone chest completely out of wood! To add to his already impressive woodworking skills, he plans on putting a touchscreen inside the box so you can play Hearthstone after the box is opened, just like in the opening cinematic! The level of detail that went into this chest is incredible, and we look forward to seeing the finished product. You can watch his progress at Smartwood.


This plush Goblin Assassin, fashioned by Rayto, is ready to jump on the next unsuspecting player and snatch his precious gold away!  While he may not be armed and dangerous, he is certainly dangerously cuddly in his own goblinish way. Give this little slayer a hug … and a beta key! You can see more pictures of this little green guy on the European Hearthstone forums.


Our final featured Hearthstone creation comes from the amazingly talented Breathing2004 on deviantART. His Hearthstone title art displays all of the Hearthstone heroes ready to challenge each other on the field of battle in a breathtaking stained glass style. The piece truly captures the essence of Hearthstone down to the last detail. You can view more of Breathing’s work here.  

Have your own Hearthstone creation to share? There’s a perfect place for you in our Community Discussion forum!

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