Fireside Fun - Event Highlights

Fireside Fun - Event Highlights

Since the introduction of Fireside Gatherings a couple of months back, inspiring Innkeepers all over the world have done a bang-up job hosting warm little (and not so little!) get-togethers to share the joy of Hearthstone with players in their local communities.

The pics and memories everyone’s posted are incredible, and we’d love to share every event with you if we could—but there are just way too many! Instead, we’ll whisk you around the world on a whirlwind tour of just some of these memorable events. Once we’re through, feel free to visit the Hearthstone Facebook page for even more Fireside event pics.

Kansas City – BlizzPro Fiberside Gathering

BlizzPro hosted its fourth Fireside Gathering in Kansas City at the Google Fiber event space. They held both a ranked and a casual play tournament, and you can catch all the action of the grand finals on this video taken from their tournament stream.

It wasn’t just a tournament though! It was also a charity event, with donations going to support the KU Children’s Hospital in Kansas City.

You can visit their site for the full recap!

Hearthstomp - University of Connecticut

As if friends, fun, and Hearthstone weren’t enough, the UConn Gaming Club worked sweet, sweet magic and conjured up some truly delectable Hearthstone-themed baked goods. We’re jealous! (Send us baked goods, pls.)


They faced some challenges, including fierce weather, but with a lot of ingenuity and a bit of heroism (or was it Bloodlust?), they pulled together a memorable Fireside Gathering. Between the homey notes of the Hearthstone soundtrack, a 1080p crackling fire in the “hearth,” and a plentiful supply of sweets and pizza, the mood was set for an awesome tournament.


Read their full recap here.

Insert Coin – Łódź Poland

A vast legion of Hearthstone aficionados made an appearance in the Polish city of Łódź to attend Insert Coin’s Fireside Gathering. Over 100 players showed up, and the happy card-slingers enjoyed tournament play, deck building, and a whole lot of Fireside fun.


The organizers even crafted a special real-life Hearthstone card to give out to attendees!

Gnet - Athens Greece

Athens: epicenter of western philosophy, site of the breathtaking Acropolis, ancient birthplace of democracy, and home to a whole lot of enthusiastic Hearthstone players! A crowd of excited deck-builders made an appearance at the Gnet internet café to enjoy friendly games and participate in a tournament.


Barstone Innsbruck Austria

Innsbruck is a picturesque city in Austria brimming with history, and it recently played host to another historic event: the Barstone Innsbruck, the first Fireside Gathering in Austria . . . and they really pulled out all the stops. If you speak German, you can even enjoy a tournament cast they made of the event!

Lots of players, including new recruits and seasoned veterans, showed up to lay down some cards at Barstone, and the result was a whole lot of fun.

The Association of Gamers – University of California Irvine

We circle back around to Blizzard’s own backyard for our last Fireside Gathering. The Association of Gamers marshaled their Fireside Gathering within the coffee-scented environs of the on-campus Starbucks. It was there that eager Hearthstone players gathered to share stories of past triumphs. After getting acquainted, an RNG tournament was thrown (literally), and the happy players not only enjoyed a raucous tournament, but a special appearance by some folks from Blizzard, including Mike Morhaime and members of the Hearthstone dev team.


Read their (entertainingly written) full recap here.

We hope this little sample has given you a powerful thirst to visit your own local Fireside Gathering! Don’t forget that the first weekend of August will offer attendees an opportunity to earn a spot in a BlizzCon World Championship pre-qualifier

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