Qualify for the World Championship This Weekend!

Qualify for the World Championship This Weekend!

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Qualify for the Qualifier!

If you’re ready to duel a Worthy Opponent, then you should plan to attend a Fireside Gathering that is hosting an open tournament this weekend August 1 through August 3!

Why? Because this could be the first step on your path to the 2014 Hearthstone World Championship! The road to victory begins with these steps:

Step One: Take the top spot at your local Fireside Gathering Open Tournament to earn your way into your region’s online Fireside Pre-Qualifier hosted by ZOTAC.

Step Two: Do well at your Fireside Pre-Qualifier hosted by ZOTAC to earn one of two seeds to compete in the Americas Qualifier Tournament.

Step Three: Make the top four at the Americas Qualifier Tournament to earn a spot at the BlizzCon 2014 Hearthstone World Championship and your shot at the massive $250,000 prize pool!

Are you ready to make your dreams of Hearthstone triumph come true? Refine your decks, read the rules, and prepare for glory! 

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