Fireside Fun - Event Gallery

Fireside Fun - Event Gallery

Since the introduction of Fireside Gatherings, more and more inspiring Innkeepers all over the world have done a bang-up job hosting warm little (and not so little!) get-togethers to share the joy of Hearthstone with players in their local communities.

The pics and memories everyone’s posted are incredible, and we’d love to share every event with you if we could—but there are just way too many! Instead, we’ll whisk you around the world on a whirlwind tour of just some of these memorable events. Once we’re through, feel free to visit the Hearthstone Facebook page for even more Fireside event pics.


The GameAthlon Fireside Gathering hosted by Team Order of Gul’dan in Athens Greece had a very special guest, the esteemed streamer Kripparian. It also happened to be the biggest LAN event ever held in Greece!


This Stockholm Sweden Fireside Gathering is looking awfully cozy. There are more great photos of this event on imgur.


Battle & Brew in Georgia has a sweet Southern set up for fun Fireside tourneys. Check out their full gallery here.


The ESL Baltics Fireside Gathering space also hosts pro tourneys. Talk about dueling in style!


Over 60 happy Hearthstone players attended the Hearthstone Café in Lausanne Switzerland in an awesome event space. 


A fine Fireside Gathering in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Extremely photogenic Hearthstone player: loses match, still wins hearts.


Over 100 of our good friends down under enjoyed a fine time at the Good Game Fireside Gathering in Sydney


The Toronto Fireside Gathering sent some players to the Zotac Fireside Pre-Qualifier for July. Can’t wait to see how their Gathering goes in August!

We hope this little sample has given you a powerful thirst to visit a Fireside Gathering near you, or even host your own! Don’t forget that attending an open tournament at a Fireside Gathering August 1 through August 3 will offer attendees an opportunity to earn a spot in a BlizzCon World Championship pre-qualifier

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