Check Out the Americas Championship Deck Lists!

Check Out the Americas Championship Deck Lists!

The Americas Championship featured a wide variety of decks, played by some of the most skilled duelists in the region. We saw hyper-aggressive Warlocks; slow, calculating freeze Mages; Druids that finished their foes off in a few swift strikes, and much more. They say practice makes perfect, so take a look at decks designed by some of the best and perhaps find ways to improve your game.

If the button is not working for you, check out the decklists here!

The Road to BlizzCon is drawing ever closer to a legendary conclusion at the Hearthstone World Championship at BlizzCon 2014. Be sure to check out the Top 4 finalists participating on behalf of the Americas Region!

Build your own Hearthstone decks at Hearthstone fan sites such as HearthPwn and Hearthhead.

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