Malto’s Guided Tours: Return to The Frozen Throne!

Malto’s Guided Tours: Return to The Frozen Throne!

Greetings, adventurer!

Once again, we find ourselves in frigid Northrend, where the Lich King’s unholy influence still lingers. It wasn’t long ago that you joined me for One Night in Karazhan, so I hope you’re well rested—this fight will test us in every manner possible!

During our last audience with the Lord of the Scourge, we turned to the might of the light and ended his reign using the Priest class. Today, we look to defeat the Lich King using the remaining eight classes.

The Frozen Throne

The Lich King is not one to fight fair—he utilizes powerful, unorthodox strategies unique to the class he’s facing. To counter him, we’ll need to specifically tailor our decks for each class. Shuffle your cards and put on your thinking beanie, because we’re in for some cold, treacherous battles!


Purge the Weak

At the start of match, the Lich King will destroy all minions that cost (3) or less in your deck, hand, and on the battlefield.

To combat this tactic, we’ll build a deck with some key essentials, then load the rest of our list with cards that we can spare to lose.


The Hunted

The Lich King will begin his turn by dealing 2 damage to you for each minion you have in your deck.

This can be quite the attack! However, we will be returning the favor by using our beasts to aggressively remove this scourge from Azeroth.


The True Lich

In one of his most diabolic moves yet, the Lich King begins this battle by setting our health to one!

For this encounter, we’ll rely on the might of our minions to hold the board and bring us from the brink of defeat.


Fallen Champions

By taking control of each minion that perishes on your side of the battlefield, the Lich King puts into effect the plan he started at Light’s Hope Chapel.  

Teamwork is key to victory in this battle! These minions are small on their own, but each serves a greater purpose by empowering their allies.


The Price of Power

The Lich King thinks Rogues are only as powerful as their tricks, and looks to cripple us by destroying every spell in our hand and deck.

Who needs magic when you’ve got well-armed friends? Each minion brings something different to empower this deck as we rob the Lich King of the joy of victory.


Necrotic Plague

It is well known that one of the Lich King’s greatest weaknesses is the 4-mana 7/7. To help avoid such an encounter, he sets the attack and health of all minions in your hand and deck to 1/1.

Luckily for us, Shaman has more than enough experience utilizing smaller minions. Use your minions to establish your presence on the battlefield, then evolve beyond the reach of the Lich King’s plague.


Soul Reaper

THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE . . .  of each card in your deck, because the Lich King will deal two damage, at the start of his first turn, for each duplicate card in your deck.

There is no better icebreaker than hellfire! While we may be limited to one copy per card, the demonic spells and summons of the Warlock are more than enough to warm the heart of any Lich.


The True King

100 armor. One. Hundred. Armor. The Lich King starts off by granting himself 100 armor.

Regardless of how high a wall the Lich King hides behind, the rage of the Warrior is more than enough to tear it down. Use the damage that would harm others to empower your minions and grow your army.

I hope you find these decks useful as you lay siege to Icecrown Citadel. Just be sure you don’t let the Lich King’s icy touch corrupt you—it’ll take quite some time for your soul to thaw out!

Thank you for joining me as we toured some of Hearthstone’s most magical and dangerous destinations. Watching you grow and overcome each of these encounters has been as amazing as the journey itself. If you wish to relive any of Hearthstone’s exhilarating Adventures again, simply visit the Blizzard Shop. Farewell!

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