The Witchwood's Newest Keywords

The Witchwood's Newest Keywords

Each Hearthstone expansion brings exciting additions to the Tavern, and The Witchwood is no exception! Soon, you’ll be able to call upon two new keywords: Echo and Rush. Read on to learn more about these hair-raising mechanics.



Echo is a keyword that appears on both minions and spells. Echo cards return a copy of themselves to your hand as soon as they’re played. This allows you to play multiple copies of that card on the same turn—as long as you have the mana to pay for it. Once your turn ends, however, any unused Echo copies will vanish from your hand.

Echo will only put original copies of a card into your hand. For example, if you happen to play a card that increases the attack of a minion with Echo, its copy will not retain the changes to its stats.


Rush works very similarly to the existing Charge ability, but with one significant difference: Minions with Rush cannot attack Heroes on the turn they come into play.

However, they can attack opposing minions, giving you the ability to immediately impact your opponent’s board. If your minion sticks around until the next turn, it will then be able to attack any targets you choose—including your opponent!


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