Pro Scene Point Update: August 2018

Pro Scene Point Update: August 2018

With July behind us, the second point-earning season of the 2018 Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) is at an end. In addition to Playoff invitations going out to the best players in each region, we also know which teams topped the first-ever Pro Team Standings seasonal leaderboard.

Join us in congratulating the top 10 teams in competitive Hearthstone this season!

Pro Team Standings - Season 2 Final

Rank Team CP Prize per Player
1 Tempo Storm 210 $7,500
2 F2K 196 $4,500
3 Nordavind 189 $3,000
4 Team Genji Blue 161 $2,500
5 compLexity Gaming 136 $2,000
6 ChaRon 131 $1,750
7 SK Gaming 130 $1,500
8 Red Reserve 126 $1,250
9 Omnislash 119 $1,000
10 Helsinki REDS 119 $750

The unquestioned dominance of F2K all season was finally shattered in the eleventh hour by Tempo Storm, whose team members posted extraordinary results in the July season to take first, second, and fifth place overall individually in the Americas. ChaRon narrowly edged past both SK Gaming and Red Reserve, as well.

Hearthstone Masters

In addition to the awesome performances of all the organizations competing in Pro Team Standings, Nordavind’s Casper “Hunterace” Notto managed to secure crucial points at HCT Italy and HCT Tokyo in July to cross the 150-point threshold and become the first-ever 1-Star Hearthstone Master!

As announced late last year, the Hearthstone Masters System recognizes players for consistent performance—and Hunterace is beyond consistent. The program uses the rolling sum of points earned in the three most recent HCT point-earning seasons (effective with Season 1 of 2018), but Hunterace has flown past the 1-Star benchmark in just two point-earning seasons!

This is an incredible feat, and we want to extend very special congratulations to Hunterace for being the inaugural Hearthstone Master. You can see Hunterace compete in the upcoming Fall Playoffs in Europe.


We look forward to seeing all the action in the upcoming Fall Playoffs and Championship, as well as which players and teams will lead the pack in Season 3! Who are you cheering for to advance to the HCT World Championship? Which team do you think will rule the roost this season? Let us know in the comments!

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