Rastakhan, king of the Zandalari, ruler of the great troll empire, is calling on trolls from all over Azeroth: come witness the greatest contest of skill, strength, and cunning the world has ever seen. You best bring your finest deck and your boldest plays when you join the rumble. The winner takes all; the loser? Finished.


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Troll Champions

Legendary Minions

Rumble Run

Single-player Adventure


Being a troll means being fierce, smart, and fearless. Many hopefuls have answered Rastakhan’s call, but only the finest competitors will rise to the top.



Cards with Overkill trigger additional effects when they kill a minion by doing damage that exceeds the minion’s health.


Spirits are special minions with abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Elusive creatures, spirits enjoy stealth the first turn they’re in play.


Among the countless brawlers who are competing in Rastakhan’s Rumble, a handful of legendary loa are ready to shake the competition to its core.

Rumble Run

Time to throw down and prove your worth! Eight of the most fearsome troll contenders stand between you and ultimate glory. Let’s rumble!

Choose your Team

You start your run by picking one of three randomly selected Troll champions. This choice determines your class for this run and gives you a powerful minion on the board at the start of each match.


You and your opponent both start with your shrines in play. Your shrine grants you a special boon tied to your Loa.

Win and grow Strong

Advance in the Rumble and add powerful spell and minion cards to your deck as you progress.