They’re Here to Save the Day

Saddle up with the League of Explorers, stop Arch-Villain Rafaam and his band of bad guys from unleashing Uldum’s ancient secrets in the name of E.V.I.L., and help save the world!


New Keyword


Delightfully Unsanitary

New Quests

Power Up!

Come Prepared

Powerful artifacts, deathless mummies, a mysterious arch-villain with a nefarious plot… the stakes are higher than ever. Luckily, the League of Explorers has just what you need to see this through.

Derring-Do and Bold Heroics

New Keyword: Reborn

They get knocked down, but they get up again… Minions with the Reborn keyword will return to life with 1 health left the first time they are defeated.


Oh good, the League of E.V.I.L. has figured out how to unleash deadly plagues. Does… does this look infected to you?


What’s a hero without a quest? Nine all-new quest cards, once completed, will replace your hero power with a powerful new ability.

Traverse the Tombs of Terror

The League of E.V.I.L. think they can just waltz into Uldum and unleash terrifying plagues on the world? Not on our watch. Grab your sunscreen, your favorite hat, and the mummy repellent; we’ve got a scheme to foil!

  • Adventure through four single-player Chapters and an earth-shaking finale as one of four dual-class heroes. With cards from two classes, you’re sure to discover brand-new combos.
  • Every explorer has their own trophy room, which you’ll fill up with loot as you play. Need a leg up? Pick the perfect treasure (from 24 unique unlockable relics) for your next run.
  • The Plague Lords you’ll face at the end of each chapter are more terrifying than any boss yet, so your progress persists with every fight. You’ll need unprecedented heroics to escape the tombs