Hearthstone™ Innkeeper's Invitational Videos

Hearthstone™ Innkeeper's Invitational Videos

The Innkeeper’s Invitational may be over, but the epic duels live on. The first exciting rounds of Hearthstone’s BlizzCon Invitational are now available for your viewing pleasure on Hearthstone’s official YouTube channel! See all of the spells slung and minions mashed by our amazing Inn-vitees by clicking the links below.

Day[9] vs. Reckful Playlist

Hafu vs. Kripparrian Playlist

Trump vs. Husky Playlist

Noxious vs. Artosis Playlist

The semi-finals and finals of the Innkeeper’s Invitational are available to watch for free on BlizzCon.com by clicking on “Hearthstone Exhibition” or at Twitch. tv/wow.  If you’re looking for an in-depth look at the cards contained in each of their decks, check out our Innkeeper’s Invitational Decklists blog here