Mapping Out the Road to BlizzCon, Part I

Mapping Out the Road to BlizzCon, Part I

It’s no easy feat making it to the World Championship at BlizzCon 2014—the road is long, nerve-wracking, and filled with skilled players from all over the world! Currently, qualified card-slingers everywhere are dueling their way through various tournaments in an effort to make it to the next stage. Soon, individuals from Korea, Taiwan, China, Europe, and the Americas will come together at the biggest showdown in competitive Hearthstone, but just how do they get there?

We’ve conjured a handy visual guide to help you track the progress of your favorite players! Be sure to watch for updates as they continue to travel the Road to BlizzCon. Also, get to know some of them better in our Victory! Road to BlizzCon series!

Be sure to watch for updated World Championship Americas Qualifier Tournament standings.


More on the World Championship Qualifier Tournament rules can be found here. For additional information on the World Championship format, check out the official blog.