Hearths and Crafts – Hearthstone Community Creations

Hearths and Crafts – Hearthstone Community Creations

Ever since the release of Hearthstone, our players have been crafting masterful Hearthstone-themed creations to show off their passion for the game. If you’re looking for a delicious Hearthstone cake or want to be inspired to create a real-life Hearthstone work of art of your own, these talented crafters lead the way in our latest feature—Hearths and Crafts.

Hearthstone Edibles!

From Hearthstone replica boxes, the Hearthstone itself, or Hearthstone-themed roll cakes, these artists have all cooked Hearthstone into crafty cake culinary creations. Check out these awesome Hearthstone-themed cakes and bake one of your own for your next party—or even your next Fireside Gathering.

Rosanna Pansino – How to Make a Hearthstone Roll Cake and Hearthstone Caramel Chocolates

Arts & Crafts

These artists have shown their love of Hearthstone through incredible crafts and beautiful drawings. Get inspired to make some of your own Hearthstone items by checking out these artists below.


LiquidBagel on Twitter—Hearthstone and Matching Box



Cassius Props on Twitter—Hearthstone Card Back Candle Box and Hearthstone Box (DeviantArt mirror)

Have a Hearthstone-themed work of art or culinary creation you want to share with the community? Drop by the Community Discussion forums to share your works of art with the community, or show our community managers directly on Twitter and you may just be featured in our next blog!

Hearthstone Community Managers on Twitter: @CM_Zeriyah / @CM_Whirthun / @Daxxarri