Goblins vs Gnomes Launch Party Recap

Goblins vs Gnomes Launch Party Recap

What’s more fun than playing Goblins vs Gnomes? Playing it with friends! Hearthstone’s first expansion exploded into action last month, and card-slingers all over the world joined together to celebrate the release at their very own Fireside Gatherings. Good times were had across the board, but these Tavern Hosts went above and beyond to create the ultimate Goblins vs Gnomes experience, winning a care package full of fantastic Hearthstone goodies in the process! 


A Mad Scientist hard at work concocting some big plays.

What better way to celebrate mischief and mayhem than with Hearthstone themed muffins? Tavern goers in Kielce, Poland fueled their Fireside Gathering with confectionary wonders while participating in a friendly tournament on a massive projector screen! It wouldn’t be a tournament without a Goblin or Gnome; their very own Cogmaster supervised the festivities, ensuring everyone kept to the task of having a great time!


A successful Fireside Gathering: Fun, friends and EXPLOSIONS!

Russia really showed their Hearthstone spirit, hosting two Goblins vs Gnomes Fireside Gathering launch parties! In Chelyabinsk, card-slingers listened to a Goblins vs Gnomes themed playlist and munched on pizza while playing in a Hearthstone tournament. Not to be outdone, duelists from Moscow created Goblin, Gnome, and rocket masks!


Players in Muenster had the chance to win some pretty amazing loot!

Some amazing artisans were on call for the Fireside Gathering in Muenster, Germany. Utilizing materials that were not even remotely explosive, they crafted prodigious props that truly brought their Inn to life! A fabulous time was had as 23 duelists joined together for over eight hours of card-slinging excitement, complete with an event tournament, delicious snacks, and more. Goblins vs Gnomes-themed name tags were also available, with all but two Tavern goers choosing to identify themselves as pro-goblin.


When Hearthstone and cupcakes joins forces, everybody wins.

Goblins vs Gnomes, an age old conflict that brings players together for all kinds of zany fun!

Are you interested in hosting your own Fireside Gathering? Check out both the official Fireside Gathering page and LiquidHearth to learn more! Questions about Fireside Gatherings? Contact FiresideGatherings@blizzard.com.