Trump Teachings Video Series

Trump Teachings Video Series

Trump Teachings is a series of informative YouTube videos that covers the fundamentals of Hearthstone gameplay with the mayor of Value Town himself, Trump! Trump has long been known for helping players elevate their Arena game with charts, live streams, videos, and helpful guides, offering players of all skill levels options to improve their Hearthstone play.

These videos are a great way to provide new players with the tools they need to win and a firmer grasp on the fundamentals of Hearthstone strategy.

Each Trump Teachings video focuses on Hearthstone tactics through the lens of each playable Hero, while explaining terminology commonly used within the Hearthstone community. You’ll learn to build a working deck for each class as you level to 10, selecting which basic cards to add to your deck as you progress.  At the end of each video, Trump will cover a Hearthstone match using that deck and discuss the important concepts and strategies each class brings to the table.

The Trump Teachings Intro video will prepare you for what’s to come!

Trump Teachings 1 dives into one of Hearthstone’s important play concepts: Board Control, using the Mage class.

Trump Teachings 2 teaches players how to protect the wild and the importance of Mana Efficiency with the Druid class.

We’ll see you in Value Town!


Board Control – Mage

Mana Efficiency – Druid

Fearless Tapping – Warlock

Fearless Hitting – Rogue

Favorable Trading – Shaman

Card Advantage – Priest

When to Face – Hunter

Weapons Hold – Warrior

The Long Game – Paladin