Trump Teachings - Part 2

Trump Teachings - Part 2

Trump Teachings is a series of informative YouTube videos that covers the fundamentals of Hearthstone gameplay with the mayor of Value Town himself, Trump! Learn more about the series and catch the first round of videos in our first blog highlighting Trump Teachings.

These videos are a great way to provide new players with the tools they need to win and a firmer grasp on the fundamentals of Hearthstone strategy.

Today we’re highlighting three more videos in the series!

Trump Teachings 3 highlights the role that your life total plays as a resource in Hearthstone, with a focus on the Warlock class and Fearless Tapping.

In Trump Teachings 4, Trump discusses how Fearless Hitting uses life total as a resource when playing a class that can use weapons, in this case, the Rogue!

Making good trades is a big deal in Hearthstone, and Trump shows you how to get the most out of your minions with Favorable Trading using the Shaman in Trump Teachings 5.

See you in Value Town!

Board Control – Mage
Mana Efficiency – Druid
Fearless Tapping – Warlock
Fearless Hitting – Rogue
Favorable Trading – Shaman

Card Advantage – Priest
When to Face – Hunter
Weapons Hold – Warrior
The Long Game – Paladin

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