Hearthstone Patch Notes -

Hearthstone Patch Notes -

In this Hearthstone patch, we’re adding a new seasonal card back and have introduced some minor changes and bug fixes.

The full patch notes are below!


  • The following card back has been added:
    • Classic Card Back: Remastered—We’ve re-visited the Classic Hearthstone card back and have given it a painstaking HD update. Acquire the new card back by reaching Rank 20 during the Ranked Play season.


  • We’ve implemented a new card type, Ninjas, which ALWAYS beat Pirate cards!
  • We’ve added a new feature called Harrison Jones’ Museum! Accessing it will allow you to gaze proudly upon all the weapons you’ve put in the museum, where they belong.
  • Mistress of Pain has turned over a new leaf and is now called Mistress of Uncomfortableness.
  • Crush has been renamed to Big Gross Demon Foot.
  • Card packs can now be opened by blowing gently on the screen.
  • Alexstrasza will no longer say anything upon being played because she’s tired of being misunderstood.
  • Cogmaster no longer spits, because let’s be honest, that’s pretty gross.
  • Leeroy Jenkins will now whisper his name upon being played in accordance with mandatory workplace etiquette classes.
  • Sludge Belcher has taken some antacids and now feels great!
  • Upon playing Unleash the Hounds, players will be taken to a menu that allows them to choose the exact breed of their hounds—with over 100 options!
  • Snowchugger is now an 8/8 because it’s too cute and people are not taking it seriously enough.
  • After many bouts with brain freeze, Snowchugger now eats snow at a more reasonable rate.
  • Annoy-o-Tron now says “GOODBYE, GOODBYE, GOODBYE” upon being slain.
  • Sorcerer’s Apprentice has graduated to Sorcerer’s Adept. All those long hours hitting the books finally paid off!
  • A Lost Tallstrider has been found. If it’s yours, please visit lost and found to claim it.
  • Recycle now provides the Responsible Citizen buff to Malfurion when cast.
  • After sensitivity training, Ancient of Lore, Ancient of War, and Ancient Mage will now be known as Senior Citizen of Lore, Senior Citizen of War, and Harold respectively.
  • Savage Roar now also turns off squelch and removes the cooldown on emotes.
  • Naturalize now causes Zombie Chow and Poison Seeds to be all-natural, vegan, and gluten free.
  • Hunter’s Mark has been renamed Hunter’s George.
  • Mark of the Wild has been renamed George of the Wild.
  • Mark of Nature has been renamed George of Nature.
    • We like George more than Mark. Mark still owes us $20.
  • The spell Blizzard now causes enemy minions to attack Soon™.
  • A new Hearthstone mini-series was in the works titled “Portrait: The Last Spellbender,” but everything changed when the Fireball attacked.
  • To make things more convenient, Tirion Fordring will now silence himself when summoned.
  • Circle of Healing has been renamed Oval of Healing upon discovery that Hearthstone boards are not circular.
  • Fixed a bug with Thoughtsteal where playing it would sometimes fail to steal your opponent’s best cards.
  • Two new Shaman spell cards have been added—Snap and Pop.
  • Armorsmith has finally finished that chest plate she’s been working on this whole time. Whew!
  • Pirates will now always beat the new Ninja sub-type, because Pirates are obviously better.
  • Leper Gnome now feels better, and will be known simply as Gnome. He would however still like to receive big hugs, please.
  • Several cards have completed their anger management training, have been renamed accordingly:
    • Grumbling Worgen
    • Magma Kvetcher
    • Disgruntled Chicken
    • Mildly Annoyed Scientist
    • Somewhat Perturbed Bomber
    • Slightly More Perturbed Bomber
  • Azure Drake has been renamed Blue Drake because no one says “Azure” correctly.
  • Blade Flurry has been renamed Blade Furry, and now equips the Rogue with a 1/5 Kitten.
  • We’ve fixed a bug with Animal Companion that sometimes caused the spell to not summon Huffer.
  • Snake Trap has been renamed Pug Trap and now summons 3 very excited 1/1 Pugs that wheeze very loudly.
  • Playing Feign Death after playing Unleash the Hounds will now result in good dogs. Yes they are! They are such good dogs.
  • Call Pet card text now reads, “Hello, this is dog.”
  • Fixed an error where Skill Command was incorrectly named Kill Command. The Hunter spell will now correctly do damage based on the caster’s skill at Hearthstone.
  • Anima Golem is now correctly named Animal Golem, and has been changed to a Hunter card with the following text:
    • Deathrattle: Summon a 1/1 kitten for each enemy minion. It was made of KITTENS! How could you?
  • After reading so much community feedback about Wisp value, the cost of Wisps has been raised to 2 mana.

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