Southeast Asia Hearthstone Championship

Southeast Asia Hearthstone Championship

It’s been a busy year, but there’s always room for another tournament! The Southeast Asia Fireside Gathering qualifier, Last Call Qualifier, Top 40 Playoffs, and Southeast Asia Grand Finals draw near, and it’s almost time to determine who will represent SEA in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) Regional Championships!

Check out the dates below and make sure to add them to your calendar, for they’re your shot at becoming a famed Hearthstone champion—or your opportunity to cheer on your fellow competitors!

Fireside Gathering Qualifier

Are you the winner of a sanctioned Fireside Gathering tournament? Then take note of this date. Invites should have arrived in your inbox. If you believe you’ve been left out, email us here to clarify.

Last Call Tournament

Have Hearthstone World Championship points, but not enough to earn a secured seed for the Top 40? Earn your spot by participating in the Last Call Tournament. Participants need a minimum of 2 points to enter.

Top 40 Playoffs

It’s an epic event as 40 of SEA’s best players will converge in an online qualifier to decide who will get to attend the Grand Finals in the Philippines! The top 8 will be flown to the final event.

SEA Grand Finals

This is it—the moment of glory. The top 8 players from SEA will battle it out for the chance to represent Southeast Asia at the APAC Regional Championships. Will you have what it takes to compete at BlizzCon?

  • September 20
  • More details coming soon!