Americas Spring Preliminary – Points Breakdown

Americas Spring Preliminary – Points Breakdown

As we head into the Americas Spring Preliminary this weekend, we’d like to highlight the path that the qualifying players took to get here. There were a lot of ways to acquire the points necessary to qualify for the tournament: some players placed well in the Hearthstone Championship Tour’s Winter Season or travelled to one of the open Hearthstone Majors, while others participated in one of the many open online Hearthstone Cups that occur nearly daily. Most players earned some points by performing well in Ranked Play and achieving high ranks in Legend.

Below we’ll break down how the players competing this weekend acquired their points, with a close look at the varied paths the Top 8 points-earning players took to reach the top of the Point Standings

Top 128 Point Distribution

Based on the graph above, the majority of points from the Top 128 players were earned via Ranked Play. We can also see that the amount of points acquired from Hearthstone Cups was comparable to about one season of Ranked Play. Points from the Winter Season and Hearthstone Majors made up the smallest number of points, which makes sense as there were fewer of those events and performing well in them was often more difficult.

Now let’s take a look at the Top 8 points-earners who will be participating this weekend.

Top 8 Point Distribution

We can see from these point totals that these player profiles are vastly different.

  • Amnesiac – Winning the Americas Winter Championship provided the bulk of Amnesiac’s points. He was trailing Nostam for most of the Spring Season until he secured a Top 10 finish in April, earning him 12 points and allowing him to overtake Nostam and share the top of the point standings with Muzzy.
  • Muzzy – Arguably the best Ranked Play competitor, with three Top 10 finishes (placing #3, #6, and #5) in the Spring Season and a solid 12 points from Cups to tie Amnesiac for first in the standings.
  • Nostam – The majority of Nostam’s points came from coming second in the Winter Championship, but he did not rest on his laurels, earning a hefty 14 points from Cups and 10 points for a Top 25 finish in March.
  • SilentStorm – Another really consistent Ranked Play player, with three Top 25 finishes (#20, #17, and #13).
  • Bbgungun – Focused primarily on Cups to acquire his points to complement his lone high Ranked Play finish in February. 

While these may be some of the top Hearthstone players in the Americas, it’s clear that there are many paths that you can take to reach the top of the point standings. So who earned the most points in each category?

  • Most points from Winter Championship: Amnesiac – 30 points
  • Most points from Hearthstone Majors: LegolaS and Duhcodda – 15 points each
  • Most points from Hearthstone Cups: Bbgungun – 20 points
  • Most points from Ranked Play: Muzzy – 36 points
  • Most points for the Spring Season: Amnesiac and Muzzy – 50 points each
  • Minimum points to qualify for Americas Spring Preliminary: 10 points
  • Number of players tied for 128th place with 10 points: 23 players

Do you have what it takes to join these players at the top of the leaderboard? You can start earning points for the Summer Season in Ranked Play, or by participating in one of the open online Cups or Majors. In the meantime, be sure to show your love for these players in the Americas Spring Preliminary this weekend. Who are you rooting for?