Midsummer Fireside Festivals are Heating Up!

Midsummer Fireside Festivals are Heating Up!

Summer means hot days and a great reason to celebrate in taverns all over Azeroth! Grab some ice cold beverages, pack up some picnic treats, and gather your friends and family because it’s time to beat the heat with good company and a few friendly games of Hearthstone! Midsummer Fireside Festival fun is about to begin!

If you take on the role of Innkeeper and host a Fireside Gathering to celebrate a Midsummer Fireside Festival of your own, you could also collect a hotter than hot support package* to use as prizes or giveaways for your guests too!

Find a Participating Fireside Gathering
There will be Midsummer Fireside Festivals across the globe, and one is likely to be close by! You can visit FiresideGatherings.com for a listing, and search for local Gatherings near you. Keep an eye on the Battle.net launcher when you play Hearthstone; you’ll get prompted to 'Find a Fireside Gathering near you' if one is coming up in your area.

Host a Fireside Gathering
Becoming an Innkeeper for your own Fireside Gatherings gets easier all the time. Just head over to FiresideGatherings.com and submit your event details. That’s it! We’ll review your event and let you know if it’s been approved.

You can plan your Midsummer Fireside Festival to occur anytime between June 17 and July 17th. In order to be eligible to receive a support package, you must submit your event before July 10th.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you plan to host a Fireside Gathering:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Your Fireside Gathering must be open to the public, in a public space like a café, restaurant, bar, meeting hall, etc. Even a public park, if wifi is available! That means no private residences.
  • Your event will be scheduled at FiresideGatherings.com.

Plan and post your Midsummer Fireside Festival now!

If you're experiencing any issues creating an event, you can email FiresideGatherings@blizzard.com. Don’t forget to download our Innkeeper’s Guide for tips on hosting Fireside Gatherings.

* Limited time offer limited to 600 approved respondents.

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