January 2018 Fireside Brawl: Hall of Champions

January 2018 Fireside Brawl: Hall of Champions

Your local Fireside Gathering Tavern is more than a place to have fun and play Hearthstone with new friends, it’s also the only way you can experience a Fireside Brawl!

Fireside Brawls are special Tavern Brawls that you can experience at Fireside Gathering Taverns! Each month there will be a different Fireside Brawl to try. And since you’re often sitting right next to the player you’re Brawling with, Fireside Brawls promise to be a unique and unforgettable way to play Hearthstone!

January's Brawl is Hall of Champions!

This Fireside Brawl takes us back to the past, where you can play with the decks from Hearthstone World Champions Firebat, Ostkaka, and Pavel … exactly as they were in 2014, 2015, and 2016!

The Rules

The rules for Hall of Champions are simple: Challenge a patron to some friendly competition, and a World Champion's deck will be randomly assigned to you. Each of the cards contained in these decks are in their original state from that year, so keep your eyes peeled for details that are a little different from what you may be familiar with now.  Want to bring out your dead with Firebat’s 2014 Undertaker Hunter? Haven’t had your fill of EVERYONE, GET IN HERE jokes from Ostkaka’s 2015 Patron Warrior? Now’s your chance!

Innkeeper Tips for Hall of Champions

  • Encourage your Patrons to play so they can experience all 12 exciting decks!
  • Innkeepers can see win percentages for each World Champion deck after a match, so you can try to reward underdogs or winningest players!
  • Test the knowledge of your patrons and see if they can identify cards that have been changed in the decks.

Experience the Hall of Champions Fireside Brawl during the month of January at an official Fireside Gathering.


Dress Up Your Gathering for Fireside Brawls

Fireside Brawls are a perfect reason to host a monthly Fireside Gathering or three! We’ve whipped up some materials that can add some pizzazz to your events; ‘quest logs’ you can use to give your guests goals to shoot for, round robin tournament sheets, and even Fireside Gathering bingo anyone can play.

Some of these sheets are blank, so you can add your own text to personalize them for your gathering!

Thanks for joining us, and we hope to see you in the Tavern soon!

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