Malto's Guided Tours: Blackrock Mountain (Heroic)

Malto's Guided Tours: Blackrock Mountain (Heroic)

Welcome back, hero!

I’m excited to have you along on our latest adventure! I am Malto, and it is my utmost joy to help heroes like you defeat some of the most powerful encounters in Hearthstone. Say, did you happen to join us last week when we toured Naxxramas? The plague-ridden air of the Necropolis has left my memory a bit hazy.

Today, we’ll take an exciting excursion through the hotly-contested fires of Blackrock Mountain. Adventurers far and wide have heard tell of the raging war between the firelord Ragnaros and Lord Victor Nefarius—a war that shakes the mountain to its very core! Few have journeyed inside and lived to tell the tale . . . but don’t worry, you’ll be safe with me.

Within the scorched walls of Blackrock Mountain, you’ll encounter five wings full of sinister Dark Iron Dwarves, ruthless elementals, and members of the infamous Black Dragonflight. While you may break a sweat besting these foes, you’ll really feel the heat when you enter the flame-ridden lair of Nefarian, son of Deathwing!

It’s best if I don’t frighten you too much—we must keep our cool and focus on the task at hand!

Blackrock Depths

Molten Core

Blackrock Spire

Blackwing Lair

Hidden Laboratory

I hope you find my assistance useful in overcoming the treacherous beasts, crags, and cliffs of Blackrock Mountain. Remember, you can find Hearthstone Adventures of old on the Blizzard Shop!

One last thing, brave champion; have you, by chance, heard of a mysterious treasure called the Staff of Origination? This powerful Titan artifact was highly sought-after by some of the greatest adventures Hearthstone has ever seen. Join me next week as we relive the exciting tale of The League of Explorers!

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