Tavern Brawl Event: Portals to Another Dimension

Tavern Brawl Event: Portals to Another Dimension

To celebrate StarCraft's 20th Anniversary, we have a stellar Tavern Brawl planned for you: Portals to Another Dimension!



Portals are tearing open everywhere! What lies beyond is something alien, yet familiar. . . . Pick a class, begin with 10 cards, and then choose a special portal at the start of the game to fill the rest of your deck.

Tech – Mechs! Guns! Explosions! This portal brings victory via technology!

Swarm – If it stalks, oozes toxic sludge, or has jagged spines, it might slither from beyond this portal.

Mind – If it is psychic power you seek, find it by ascending through this portal.

After making your decision, 20 portals cards will be added to your 10 Class cards to complete your deck! Cast portals to add minions and spells to your hand that are all themed to the classic factions of StarCraft—and cost three mana less! Prove which Class and Portal combination is the most potent path to supremacy!

Win a match and you’ll receive THREE Kobolds & Catacombs card packs as a reward!


Portals to Another Dimension begins March 21 and lasts until March 25. Experience it before it warps out!