MRLGRL! It’s Time to Welcome Nerglish Players to the Inn!

MRLGRL! It’s Time to Welcome Nerglish Players to the Inn!

The Tavern is buzzing with excitement as it prepares to open its newest location in the swamp! Murloc players will soon be able to enjoy Hearthstone in their native tongue—Nerglish! 

Millions of Murlocs have been sneaking into Taverns since Hearthstone launched, playing Common-language versions of the game, but soon they will have access to a fully localized Nerglish-language version! “Mrrlrglrl grlrlsmmrl mfgrm Hearthstone #1 Frmgrlrrml!”, exclaimed Morgl the Oracle when he heard the news. 

Harth Stonebrew, the Tavern’s renowned Innkeeper, has long advocated for a fully-localized Nerglish version of Hearthstone. “Murlocs have been staunch supporters of Hearthstone since it launched, and they’re a constant presence at Fireside Gatherings in their areas,” said Harth. “I, for one, am looking forward to the day we hear ‘Legendary!’ spoken in Nerglish.”

The fully-localized Nerglish version of Hearthstone will be available for all gnomish and goblin mobile devices. Further details about regarding our launch plans will be announced mgrlrmgl.

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