May 2018 Fireside Brawl: Tavern vs Lich King

May 2018 Fireside Brawl: Tavern vs Lich King

Your local Fireside Gathering tavern is more than a place to have fun and play Hearthstone with new friends, it’s also the only place you can experience a Fireside Brawl!

Fireside Brawls feature special Tavern Brawls that you can experience at Fireside Gathering! Each month, there’s a different Fireside Brawl to try. And, since you’re often sitting right next to the player you’re brawling with, Fireside Brawls promise to be a unique and unforgettable way to play Hearthstone!

This Month’s Brawl is: Tavern vs Lich King!

The Lich King is one of the most powerful and horrifying beings in existence. He controls the vast undead army called the Scourge, wields the cursed, soul-devouring runeblade known as Frostmourne, and, if all that weren’t enough, he also commands formidable Death Knight powers of his own.

The Lich King returns to conquer your local Fireside Gathering, and you’ll need to join forces with all your fellow attendees to take him down!


The Rules

The Lich King will have a HUGE health pool and your entire tavern will need to work together to defeat him. To do your part, you and a fellow attendee will form a team of two, share a device, and pilot a deck together to deal as much damage as possible to the Lich King. If he defeats your first deck, you’ll have an opportunity to Discover a Class for your team’s second deck. Don’t be afraid to put your heads together; it’s important to make the most of your cards! The damage each team does is deducted from the Lich King’s total health, but you’ll definitely need the help of the other teams in your tavern.

The Lich King is a ferocious opponent, so you might have to challenge him several times before your tavern can claim victory. As for the Lord of the Scourge, the Lich King will have more than one phase, so expect some dastardly surprises as your tavern chips away his health pool!

Remember, each Fireside Brawl only lasts a month, and you can experience Tavern vs Lich King at an official Fireside Gathering tavern near you.

Innkeeper Tips

Tavern vs Lich King differs from other Fireside Brawls in that you have more control over the experience your attendees will have! You’ll be able to decide how much health your Lich King will have – to set up, starting a Fireside Brawl on your freshly created Fireside Gathering will allow you to set his initial health. It’s a good idea to experiment with different health pools and see what works best for your Fireside Gatherings.

While the whole tavern will be cooperating to beat down the Lich King, it’s still a good idea to have a leaderboard featuring the teams that have done the most damage. You could even offer rewards to the teams that do the best! And finally, the Lich King is a big, bad dude that’s tough to beat, so don’t forget to make the moment of his downfall a memorable moment for your guests!

Find a Fireside Gathering

Innkeepers! Dress Up Your Gathering for Fireside Brawls

Fireside Brawls are a perfect reason to host a monthly Fireside Gathering or three! We’ve whipped up some materials that can add some pizzazz to your events: you can use ‘quest logs’ to give your guests goals to shoot for, round robin tournament sheets, and even Fireside Gathering bingo. 

Some of these sheets are blank, so you can add your own text to personalize them for your gathering!

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