July 2018 Fireside Brawl: Deep into the Witchwood

July 2018 Fireside Brawl: Deep into the Witchwood

Your local Fireside Gathering is more than a place to have fun and play Hearthstone with friends, it’s also the only place you can experience a Fireside Brawl!

Fireside Brawls feature special Tavern Brawls that you can experience at Fireside Gathering! Each month, there’s a different Fireside Brawl to try. And, since you’re often sitting right next to the player you’re brawling with, Fireside Brawls promise to be a unique and unforgettable way to play Hearthstone!

This Month’s Brawl is: Deep into the Witchwood!

In July’s Fireside Brawl you’ll choose a Class and be furnished with a powerful Witchwood deck, many of which were chosen from less well-known but proven competitors high on the Ranked Play ladder. Deep into the Witchwood is a chance to learn a new deck, play with new The Witchwood cards you might not own, or try a Class you’ve never played before.

Cube Druid – Last into the late game with lots of taunts and armor, then use Carnivorous Cube, Naturalize, and Charged Devilsaurs to finish off your foe!

Big Beast Hunter – With this deck you’ve got non-beasts and spells for the early game, along with some late game staying power when you Build-a-Beast with Deathstalker Rexxar. Recruit big, powerful Beasts with Kathrena WInterwisp for a final, decisive punch.

Elemental Mage – Thrall isn’t the only one who can command the power of the elements! Use an army of Elemental minions to take down your opponent and reach past taunts with powerful damaging Battlecries. Don’t forget: if you want to use those powerful effects, you need to play an Elemental the turn prior.

Odd Paladin – Ready for Action! This aggressive deck specializes in flooding the board with Silver Hand Recruits, then buffing them with other minions or spells to overrun opponents.

Odd Priest – Control, control, control! Chameleos tells you what your opponent has (and lets you use it!), Lyra gives you big drawing power, and Baku makes your Hero Power heal for 4 Health! Outlasting your opponent and stealing their best tricks is the name of the game with this deck.

Tempo Rogue – No Gadgetzan Auctioneers here! This brutal deck comes straight from the back alleys to beat down your opponent. You want to get cheap, powerful minions on the board, keep the board, and knock out your opponent fast.

Even Shaman – A midrange deck combining early aggression with late-game staying power, along with explosive turns where your cheap Totems and cards like Ghost Light Angler can help you fill the board and bring down early Sea Giants.

Even Warlock – This control-oriented deck uses a cheap Hero Power for easy card draw. Fill your hand, drop early Mountain Giants, and play powerful demons. Low on Health? Get the most out of Hooked Reavers, then heal up. Bloodreaver Gul’dan gives you a decisive late game win condition!

Rush Warrior – Use an array of aggressive Rush minions to command the board and overwhelm your opponent.

Innkeepers: This is a great opportunity to run a casual tournament for your attendees, since everyone will have a full roster of decks to choose from!

Remember, each Fireside Brawl only lasts a month, and you can only experience Deep into the Witchwood at an official Fireside Gathering!

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Innkeepers! Dress Up Your Gathering for Fireside Brawls

Fireside Brawls are a perfect reason to host a monthly Fireside Gathering or three! We’ve whipped up some materials that can add some pizzazz to your events: you can use ‘quest logs’ to give your guests goals to shoot for, round robin tournament sheets, and even Fireside Gathering bingo. 

Some of these sheets are blank, so you can add your own text to personalize them for your gathering!

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