Off-Meta Report - Sep 18 2018

Off-Meta Report - Sep 18 2018

Looking for a change of pace on the ladder? Maybe you’ve been wanting to try something new, but don’t know where to start. Or maybe you want to play a class you haven’t really tried out before. If you’ve been looking for something different, take a look at our Off-Meta Report and really shake things up with these decks, all of which have been making waves in the rank of Legend!

To find these decks, we looked for players that have been doing well, and picked out some builds from amongst the top performers. We only selected decks that were played in 50 or more games at Legend level.


Even Control Shaman – 63.5% win rate/52 games

This Even Shaman deck bucks the trend of past builds by playing more spells and high-cost minions to win in the late game. The cheaper Hero Power allows you to consistently create totems and keep a board presence with minions who support your efforts. Such as building towards cheaper Sea Giants or the Spell Damage totem which turns spells like Beakered Lightning and Zap! into powerful removal. This is paired with cards like Earthen Might, Elementary Reaction and Hagatha the Witch to help provide constant options and threats throughout your match.


Howlfiend Control Warlock - 62.3% win rate/69 games

At first glance, this appears to be just your standard Warlock Control Deck. Packing tons of healing, Taunt and removal, it has all the ingredients to take you to the late game and run down your opponents until Bloodreaver Gul’dan comes in to end it. However, your opponent’s battlefield isn’t the only thing at risk. Using Treachery, to give your opponent Howlfiend, you are able to disrupt your opponent’s hand, all while Rin, the First Disciple, provides the cards needed to “seal” the deal. Upon playing The Final Seal, you can summon Azari, the Devourer and destroy your opponent’s deck!


Zerek's Cloning Gallery Priest – 63.2% win rate/76 games

Our last deck to be featured is a Priest Combo build. Containing only a limited number of minions, this deck is built to consistently get great results from Zerek’s Cloning Gallery. With Malygos and Prophet Velen on hand to improve the output of your spells and Radiant Elemental to lower their costs, you may even win on the same turn you cast Zerek’s Cloning Gallery! This deck can struggle early as it builds to 9 mana, but options such as Gilded Gargoyle can help to overcome these challenges while providing The Coin for an extra mana boost.


If you enjoyed playing with these decks, or you’ve seen some crazy ones on your adventures on the ladder, let us know on TwitterFacebook, or in the comments below!


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