November 2018 Fireside Brawl: Forward to the Past!

November 2018 Fireside Brawl: Forward to the Past!

Your local Fireside Gathering is more than a place to have fun and play Hearthstone with new friends, it’s also the only place you can experience a Fireside Brawl!

Fireside Brawls are special Tavern Brawls that you can experience at Fireside Gatherings! Each month there will be a different Fireside Brawl to try. And since you’re often sitting right next to the player you’re brawling with, Fireside Brawls promise to be a unique and unforgettable way to play Hearthstone!

This Month’s Brawl is: Forward to the Past!

Great Scott! This month’s Brawl is heavy! Toki Time-Tinker and Infinite Toki are joining forces to correct Anomalies in the time-stream in the fewest turns possible!

This is a co-op brawl using pre-built Standard format decks. Players will take on the role of either Time-Tinker Toki or Infinite Toki and they must work together with their counterpart to defeat the time Anomalies. Or just create the weirdest, time-warpiest board state possible!

Use unique time-twisting cards to make critical events happen at the beginning of your NEXT match. Your goal? Defeat the Anomalies and face their nefarious leader, Anomalous Rex, in the fewest number of turns! Future-you will thank past-you for setting present-you up to get the lowest high score!

Remember, each Fireside Brawl only lasts a month, and you can only experience Forward to the Past at an official Fireside Gathering tavern!

Innkeepers: Forward to the Past has a scoreboard, so it’s a great opportunity to have a leaderboard for your most intrepid time-twisters!

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Innkeepers! Dress Up Your Gathering for Fireside Brawls

Fireside Brawls are a perfect reason to host a monthly Fireside Gathering or three! We’ve whipped up some materials that can add some pizzazz to your events: you can use ‘quest logs’ to give your guests goals to shoot for, round robin tournament sheets, and even Fireside Gathering bingo. 

Some of these sheets are blank, so you can add your own text to personalize them for your gathering!

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