Play the Cannons Away! Fireside Brawl

Play the Cannons Away! Fireside Brawl

Turn your next board game night into a Fireside Gathering featuring an exciting contest of Hearthstone wit. Introducing the Cannons Away! Fireside Brawl -- a fast-paced, head-to-head hybrid of boardgame and Hearthstone.

Read on to learn more about Cannons Away! and how you can play it at your next Fireside Gathering.

Cannons Away!

There's a ship yonder! She's flying enemy colors . . . might be our target! Cannons are ready, Captain shall we engage?

Play 3v3 Hearthstone! Each player must win a special, single-player brawl (where their minions blow up to damage opposing Heroes and minions!) and claim ownership of squares on the Cannons Away! game board. Be the first team to own four squares in a row!

Choose your squares wisely, and play fast – set sail on a thrilling race to the finish! Click the button to download the full rules and learn how to play Cannons Away!

Download the Full Rules

What You’ll Need

  • A Fireside Gathering with Cannons Away! set as the Fireside Special. You can set up your own private event, host a public event, or attend a Fireside Gathering near you.
  • Six Hearthstone players divided into two teams, each with their own device that has Hearthstone installed and is connected to your Fireside Gathering.
  • A printed copy of the Cannons Away! board
  • 15 double-sided game pieces for each team – make sure each team uses different colors!

Board & Pieces

Download, print, and glue everything you need to play Cannons Away!, or make your own materials based on these images!

Game Board

Silver Game Pieces Gold Game Pieces 

Fireside Brawls

Fireside Brawls are special Tavern Brawls that you can only experience at Fireside Gatherings. In addition to a unique Fireside Brawl each month, there’s also a curated menu of additional brawls called Fireside Specials that Innkeepers can choose to offer at their Fireside Gatherings.

Innkeepers: After you create your Fireside Gathering, but before your event starts (this part’s important—you can’t change your Fireside Special while your event is in progress!), open your Fireside Gathering event page, scroll down to Fireside Brawls, click “Change Brawl”, and choose Cannons Away! Your attendees can hop into a match as soon as your Fireside Gathering begins.

Thanks for joining us! We hope to see you in a Fireside Gatherings tavern soon!

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