Hearthstone Pupdate – January 2019

Hearthstone Pupdate – January 2019

A lot of magic, machinations, and memeing go on behind closed doors at the Hearthstone development team. An assistant (or several) is often required. So without further ado, meet the good boys and girls of the Hearthstone development team!



Kippen is Organized since he is on the Administrative team! If you need proof of that, just look at how neatly he keeps his tail tucked in when he’s lying down.



Toby helps wrangle the team up and keep them in line so production moves like clockwork. He’s also really good at math.



Mini Golden Retriever Harley helps with the art outsourcing when necessary. Otherwise, she is busy with the most important task of the day: napping. 


Mishu brings a different perspective to things since she’s a cat, and that’s helpful for projects that she and Harley collaborate on. She also wants you to remember that out of all the cats in Hearthstone, she is Best Cat.



Gary works on Hearthstone business things. Don’t let the fluff fool you—he is one shrewd businessdog.



Leela lives far from the office and only comes in for special projects with the design team. Leela staunchly believes that there’s no such thing as a bad idea, which is why she continues to insist on a “Beg for Treats” emote option.



When it comes to Hearthstone, this dog might lose a little, but he Wins-a-Ton. Keeping everyone company in the Engineering department, Winston’s latest project is discovering how to automate behind-the-ear scratches.

Business Intelligence


With the perfect name to match his shining disposition, Sunny brightens our days with his keen insights into all things business intelligence.

Quality Assurance


Nimbus can usually be found hard at work testing the game in the QA department. Gary and Nimbus have a long-standing friendly rivalry over who is the better cloud.  

These are just some of the pets who support Hearthstone behind the scenes! Want to see more Hearthstone pupdates? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!