Jarla on Wild Cards Returning to Standard

Some Wild cards are returning to Standard for a limited time! Here is the full list:

  • Druid - [[Astral Communion]], [[Kun the Forgotten King]]
  • Mage - [[Babbling Book]], [[Flamewaker]]
  • Paladin - [[Mysterious Challenger]], [[Avenge]]
  • Hunter - [[Lock and Load]], [[Call of the Wild]]
  • Shaman – [[Evolve]], [[Thing from Below]]
  • Rogue - [[Shaku, the Collector]], [[Swashburglar]]
  • Priest - [[Lightbomb]], [[Vol'jin]]
  • Warlock - [[Imp Gang Boss]], [[Renounce Darkness]]
  • Warrior - [[Varian Wrynn]], [[Bloodhoof Brave]]
  • Neutral - [[N'Zoth, the Corruptor]], [[Sylvanas Windrunner]], [[Ragnaros the Firelord]], [[The Curator]], [[Emperor Thaurissan]]

These meta-defining cards from years past will be in play for the Grandmasters Playoffs and at Masters Tour Bucharest! We’ve got Europe Division B standings leader Jaromír "Jarla" Vyskočil to break down what this injection of nostalgia means for the competition.

“I'm looking forward to playing with old legendary cards like [[Sylvanas Windrunner]] and [[Ragnaros the Firelord]],” Jarla said. “My favorite card returning is [[Emperor Thaurissan]] though. I loved playing with him in the past in old [[Grim Patron]] Warrior, [[Malygos]] Druid, Freeze Mage, and Reno Warlock. I’m not sure If he will find a place in current meta, because I’m not sure you really want him in the current [[Malygos]] Druid list. We could see him in OTK Paladin potentially for 50 damage combo in one turn! But, I’m also not sure if you’d want to play him in that deck either.”

Jarla’s first every LAN debut was at Fujitsu League #1 in Prague over four years ago, where he played Secret Paladin and Reno Warlock—two decks that happened to feature [[Ragnaros the Firelord]]. Jarla finished second in the tournament but not before scoring a stylish win against Stanislav "StanCifka" Cifka with a Ragnaros end-of-turn 50/50 lethal.

“I think the meta will change, at least a little bit. In terms of new or revitalized decks, I think Tempo Mage with [[Flamewaker]], [[Emperor Thaurissan]], and [[Ragnaros the Firelord]] will be pretty good. Maybe some Control decks could bring back a Deathrattle package and [[N'Zoth, the Corruptor]]. [[Swashburglar]] and [[Shaku, the Collector]] will probably make burgle rogue a bit better.”

Jarla needs every advantage he can get going into the Playoff gauntlet that will determine who plays on the BlizzCon stage and who will be watching from the sidelines. “I think some players in the running will benefit from these changes, namely Casie. He’s pretty good at quickly adapting to a new meta. I will still try to do my best and qualify for Blizzcon after the changes!”


Jarla will face off against Bunnyhoppor and Pavel this weekend to wrap up the regular season. After that, it’s all on the line in the Playoffs! Follow us on Twitter and YouTube, and be sure to tune-in to the Grandmasters broadcast this weekend at Twitch.tv/PlayHearthstone!