Hearthstone at BlizzCon Day 2 Recap

Hearthstone at BlizzCon Day 2 Recap

The saloon doors swing shut on day two of BlizzCon 2019. Check out what went down on stage, in the tavern, and across the BlizzCon floor.


Card-slinging Cosplay:


Costumes of all shapes, sizes, colors, and kinds were strutting and posing across every hall and in every corner of the convention floor. We’ve pulled a few familiar faces that you may recognize from your collection:





Pull up a Chair:


BlizzCon 2019 housed a fully functional Hearthstone Tavern in the center of the convention floor featuring live music, libations, a Hearthstone art print station, and a Duel-a-Dev table. Bob the Bartender even took a break from firing minions and buffing boards to speak to some of our BlizzCon attendees and offer a few helpful deck-building tips.




A Global Finals Winner is Crowned 


We witnessed Hearthstone history in the making with VKLiooon, the first female Global Finals Champion, sweeping the last match and taking home the trophy.


We hope you enjoyed everything Hearthstone brought to BlizzCon 2019. Until next time, we'll see you in the Tavern>

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