Descend on a Pre-Release Fireside Gathering!

Descend on a Pre-Release Fireside Gathering!

The final clash between our heroic Explorers and E.V.I.L Villains is almost here – but before we officially take to the skies with Descent of Dragons, Pre-Release Fireside Gatherings will give you the chance to bust open your packs early and get a first taste of the aerial mayhem!

Attend a Pre-Release Fireside Gathering

Pre-Release events will take place the weekend before Descent of Dragons goes live, December 6 – December 9. Gather your crew and find a nearby tavern to join the fun, or come solo to make some new friends! Fireside Gatherings with the Pre-Release badge will also have unique items you can obtain from giveaways or activities – limited edition Galakrond Hearthstone pins, a Descent of Dragons poster, and various other Hearthstone goodies!

HS_16_DoD_PreReleaseBlog_Rewards (1).jpg

Once you’ve opened your packs at the gathering, you’ll be able to use your newly acquired cards to challenge fellow patrons in Pre-Release Brawls!

  • Descent of Dragons No Cards Barred: Make a deck with any Descent of Dragons cards, no restrictions on classes or copies!
  • Draconic Recipes: Jump right into the Dragon battles – simply choose a class and pilot new pre-built deck recipes!

Host your own Pre-Release event!

Interested in hosting a Pre-Release Fireside Gathering of your own? First, head on over to and choose ‘Host a Gathering’. Whether you’re looking to host a full tavern or setting up a private gathering for friends and family, Pre-Release events can be created by anyone.

Receive a Fireside support kit
A limited quantity of Fireside support kits are also available for qualifying public events! If you’d like to receive one, simply set up your event between now and December 2, select the Descent of Dragons Pre-Release campaign, and be sure your event meets the following qualifications:

  • Events must be publicly scheduled at so other players can find and attend them.
  • Your event must be open to the public and held in a public space like a café, restaurant, bar, city square, or local game store.
  • Innkeepers requesting a support kit must be 18 years of age or older.


Head over to to find Pre-Release events near you and be sure to check back as new gatherings are created over the next 2 weeks! We’ll see you in the high-flying hearths for a Descent of Dragons Pre-Release – oh, and… don’t forget to bring a parachute!