Congratulations to the Winners of the 2019 Hearthstone Global Games!

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2019 Hearthstone Global Games!

The Top 8 of the Hearthstone Global Games was made up entirely of teams from Asia-Pacific and Europe, with both regions coincidentally split into two groups ahead of the 4 team Playoff bracket. Hong Kong and Japan punched their ticket to the Top 4 in Group A before Denmark and the United Kingdom did the same through Group B.

It was Denmark who ultimately met the United Kingdom in the Finals and prevailed with a hard-fought 3-2 victory! “It means a lot to win a big tournament for Denmark,” said Frederik " Furyhunter " Møller, who played alongside Frederik "FreddyB" Bohé in representing his country this year. “Everyone was a tough opponent on paper­, in every single series we faced at least one Grandmaster.”

Frederik "FreddyB" Bohé and Frederik " Furyhunter " Møller, your 2019 Hearthstone Global Games Champions!

Furyhunter considers FreddyB’s expertise with aggro decks to compliment his knowledge of control matchups. “Freddy and I play very well together,” Furyhunter said. “He's an excellent player and we cover each other’s weaknesses. We did a good job talking through all the turns and making good plays. Although In the first week we talked through the turns through a bit too much and roped out a couple of times. But we cleaned that up from Week 2 and onwards!”

Furyhunter and FreddyB spent a great deal of time practicing and trying to optimize their lists. “We mostly practiced the decks on ladder but spent quite some time testing against each other as well,” Furyhunter said. “We had a fun Quest Druid deck with [[Floop's Glorious Gloop]], [[BEEEES!!!]] and [[Wild Pyromancer]]. At first, we were just trying these cards to target Shaman on ladder, but the more we played the deck the more we liked it in most matchups. We ended up protecting that deck in all the series we played it in, and it went 5-0!”

In claiming the Hearthstone Global Games title, Team Denmark earned themselves a clean $20,000. “Denmark has never made it out of groups at HGG,” said Furyhunter. “And now we won! It's crazy.”


Congratulations Team Denmark!