Masters Tour Online: Madrid is Now in October!

Masters Tour Online: Madrid is Now in October!

As we enter the second half of 2020 and still in the midst of the global pandemic, we are restructuring Masters Tour Madrid to an online-only event. While we are saddened to still be unable to gather this incredible community of Hearthstone competitors together in one place, we have also decided to lessen the time between Masters Tour Online: Montreal and Masters Tour Online: Madrid by moving the tournament up from December to October 23-25!

Ready for a chance to compete at Masters Tour Online: Madrid? Qualifiers begin August 6, and starting today players hoping to earn an invite will be able to sign-up on Battlefy. In addition to competing for their share of the $3,000,000 total prize pool for 2020, Masters Tour Online: Madrid will be the final opportunity for invited players to reach the top of the winnings leaderboard for their Regions to earn a spot in Grandmasters 2021! 

Here are some of the ways you can snag an invite to Masters Tour Online: Montreal:

  • Win one of 90 online Masters Qualifiers between August 6 and September 27 on Battlefy.
  • Finish with at least a 7-2 record at Masters Tour Online: Asia-Pacific and Masters Tour Online: Montreal.
  • Place within the Top 8 of a Masters Qualifier for Masters Tour Online: Madrid five times.
  • Place top 16 Legend on the in-game Ladder in the months of August and September (see official Masters Qualifiers rules for details).
  • Be a Hearthstone Grandmaster.

Check out the Masters Tour Online: Madrid event page for the full day-by-day schedule. You can catch the return of Hearthstone Grandmasters return for Season 2 beginning on August 14, live on Good luck, have fun, and we’ll see you in the Tavern!

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