Wild Fun from the Hearthstone Community!

Wild Fun from the Hearthstone Community!

Looking for a change while playing Wild? Ever wonder what others play when they are looking to try something different? We recently asked you all what decks you’re enjoying while traversing the world of Wild and you responded with some fantastic lists. Here are some interesting picks we thought you would enjoy.

So, if you’ve been looking for something that may be a little different, a tiny bit odd or just all-around fun, check out some of these decks that others have been having a blast with! Special thanks to @skajohnny, @hustla_bb, @NikkiWhat, @GiorgiBegij, @troldann and everyone who shared with us!

Card Destruction Warlock

This wily Warlock list looks to win through attrition by burning out your opponent’s board, hand and deck. Control the board with powerful removal spells and minions as you set up for the deck’s different disruptive combos. Gift your opponent a Howlfiend or Fel Reaver with Treachery, then proceed to chip away at their hand and deck as you trigger the minion’s ability over and over.


Hand Buff Murloc Paladin

Murloc decks have been a part of Hearthstone from the beginning and this straight forward aggro deck isn’t far off from the usual strategies we see associated with those decks. However, this list looks to sprinkle in some Paladin support to help these fishy friends get a little extra kick. Use your buffed Murlocs to drain your opponent’s health, then call in Leerooooy Jenkins to finish the job!


Quest Hunter

The Marsh Queen calls! This Hunter builds looks to kick off things early with 1-drops to both keep the pressure up and complete The Marsh Queen quest. Then once Queen Carnassa hits the board and calls in her brood, the real fun begins. Prince Kelesth helps to turn your new hoard of deadly dinos into buff beasts while Tol’vir Warden and Deathstalker Rexxar help to keep the momentum going into later turns.


Executus Priest

This deck combines about every option Priest has available to set up a multi-card, late game bomb of a combo that is sure to send any opponent running in fear. While it may be a bit tough to pull off, the payoff is well worth the effort. Start off early looking to build on Awaken the Makers and control the board. Once your quest is complete, it is time to start putting the pieces together. Play and trigger Majordomo Executus’s Deathrattle replacing your hero with Ragnaros, the Firelord. Following that, play out the Amara, Warden of Hope from your quest reward, then Raza the Chained to turn your hero into a 40 Health Ragnaros that deals 8 damage a turn for 1 mana!


N’Zoth Secret Paladin

Last, but certainly not least, we have a Paladin build that brings in some old favorites but looks to add a twist. Play your smaller minions early to apply pressure and keep the board under control. Once you hit turn 6, play out Mysterious Challenger bringing out any secrets in your deck. Turns 7 and 8 look to bring in Dr. Boom and Tirion Fordring to close out the game. However, should your opponent manage to handle all these threats, N’Zoth the Corruptor is available to bring back Tirion and your other Deathrattle threats, making sure the job gets done.


Try these decks out and let us know what you think. Are there any changes you would try? Do you have any fun or crazy decks of your own that you like to play? Let us know on TwitterFacebook, or in the comments below!

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