Happy Birthday Hearthstone Baking Bonanza

Happy Birthday Hearthstone Baking Bonanza

Everybody loves dessert, and it’s something of a tradition to present pastries on birthdays. Mmm, dessert. Oh, right:

Hearthstone’s first birthday celebration is underway, and you’re invited!



We even got a cake!

Bake up your delicious culinary creation, snap a picture of it, and send your pic to us via Twitter @PlayHearthstone using the hashtag #HSBirthday!

Messy or immaculate, every confection is a tasty expression of affection, and each one is equally appreciated. So grab some ingredients and help us say, “Happy Birthday, Hearthstone!”

You’re also cordially invited to participate in the Hearthstone 1st Anniversary shindig—share your happy Hearthstone memories and partake in the party!

Cake courtesy of The LucyLuPop Bakery! Yum!