HCT World Championship Attendees Showed Up in Style

HCT World Championship Attendees Showed Up in Style

After an amazing Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) World Championship in Amsterdam, we wanted to take a moment to thank all of YOU for making the experience incredible! Whether watching from the comfort of home or plunked down in the front row at the Beurs van Berlage, the tournament was amazing because of your support.

The live audience traveled from all over the world to be there! Here are some of the distant departure points folks came from:

From Russia, with love.
Holland, land of dragons.
Some local Netherlands guests!
Guests from as far as Japan.
Finland represent!

Everyone had their favorite people to cheer for or reasons for making the trip—here are just a handful:

Orange you glad you came?
We <3 that you <3 Hearthstone!
Never give up; sometimes Surrender.
Can't blame a guy for being honest...

You can see more official photos from the HCT World Championship here.

We hope you’ve enjoyed HCT 2017, and we can’t wait to see what the competitive year brings us in 2018! Let us know what you loved most about the pro circuit in the Year of the Mammoth in the comments.

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