Puzzles and Hearthstone™ 3: Thinking Outside the Box

Puzzles and Hearthstone™ 3: Thinking Outside the Box

The Hearthstone™ puzzles keep on coming! Today, we have three new puzzles for you to solve when the win is within your grasp! To put your deductive skills to the test, there’s an easy test, a medium difficulty, and an expert level puzzle we can only classify as 5/5 Mana Crystals on the difficulty scale. Think you have what it takes to take on these Puzzles and Hearthstone brain teasers, or will your brain suffer from a bad case of Overload?


Difficulty: 2/5 Mana Crystals

An over-aggressive Rexxar, the Hunter has attacked you with his faerie dragon instead of either of your creatures, foolishly thinking that his Ironfur Grizzly is enough to stop your minions.  

You are at 27 Health, while your opponent has 25 Health remaining. It’s your turn 4 and their turn 3. Rexxar’s minions stand at the ready: A Faerie Dragon and an Ironfur Grizzly. You have some powerful minions at your disposal as well: A Mana Addict, a Raging Worgen, and a Worgen Infiltrator.

A Deadly Poison, Cold Blood, Backstab and an Abusive Sergeant are currently in your hand. Teach him to never underestimate Valeera the Rogue again and claim victory on turn 4!


Difficulty: 3/5 Mana Crystals

You are Garrosh, the Warrior, and your opponent is Gul’dan, the Warlock. Well, he WAS Gul’dan. Jaraxxus, Eredar Lord of the Burning Legion just ate Gul'dan; he must have been feeling a little peckish.  Jaraxxus’s hero power is incredibly strong, and those Infernals have all but wiped your board!  You just drew the last card in your deck, a Molten Giant.  Prove once and for all that Giants are better than Demons and crush Jaraxxus this turn!

You have 14 Health remaining, and Jaraxxus has 15 Health. Both heroes are out of cards in their deck!

Jaraxxus is currently wielding his 3/6 Hero weapon, Blood Fury and commands these minions to do his demonic bidding: A Voidwalker, a Booty Bay Bodyguard, an Infernal (currently 7/5 with Taunt), a Defender of Argus, and another Infernal (7/7 with Taunt).

You are wielding a 2/1 Battle Axe (from a now deceased Arathi Weaponsmith) and have commanded a Spiteful Smith to be on the front lines. Your hand holds a Grommash Hellscream, two Youthful Brewmasters, Gorehowl, a Warsong Commander, The Black Knight, and a Molten Giant.

Rage into battle and destroy Jaraxxus!


Difficulty: 5/5 Mana Crystals

You are Jaina Proudmoore, the Mage facing off against Garrosh, the Warrior. Garrosh has been building so much armor it's impossible for you to break through!   Last turn he attacked your Mana Wyrm with his Acolyte of Pain, and then cast Coldlight Oracle, drawing him a Ravenholdt Assassin!  It was the last card in his deck and it's sure to run you through next turn.  Thankfully his Coldlight Oracle drew you two Ice Lances!  The last card in your deck was another Coldlight Oracle.

You have 5 Health remaining, and Garrosh has an impressive 20 Health and 7 Armor! Neither hero has any cards left in their deck.

Garrosh wields the powerful Gorehowl, currently at 6/1, a Coldlight Oracle, a Sunfury Protector, an Acolyte of Pain (currently 1/2 with Taunt), and a Ravenholdt Assassin cloaked in Stealth.

Jaina has the following spells and minions available to her: An Ancient Mage, Fireball, Voodoo Doctor, Kobold Geomancer, Frostbolt, Arcane Explosion, Ice Lance, Ice Lance, and a Coldlight Oracle. On board is a lonely 1/2 Mana Wyrm.

Show Garrosh your mastery over the Arcane arts and vanquish him before he can swing Gorehowl!

Were you able to answer all of these puzzles? Post your answers in the comments section below or discuss them in our forums!

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Disclaimer: Even the most battle-hardened Warriors can become fatigued after a long day of Warrioring. Don’t forget to take a break and enjoy some refreshments from a friendly Mage!

Thanks to Hearthpwn for the card links used in this blog! They’re just one of the great Hearthstone card database sites out there, along with Prohearthstone and Hearthhead!

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