Something Wicked This Way Comes

Hush, brave heroes, and take heed; you tread on dangerous ground. See how the light dims all around, and moving shadows creep? The Witchwood calls, but I implore: do not its treasures seek! Stay where it’s safe, pull up a chair, let’s play another round! I see, your minds are quite made up; please hear me importune: Keep your decks close, and your wits sharp…

lest the Witchwood be your doom!

New Deck Mechanic


New Solo Content

Monster Hunt

New Keywords:

From Cold, Dead Hands

Those who have ventured into the Witchwood (and made it back in one piece) whisper of creatures twisted by terrible curses, of dark magics practiced under a gibbous moon, and unearthly howls that chill the blood of even the most stalwart heroes. Here, have a taste of what’s in store for you in this most accursed place.

I Put a Spell on You


Echo cards can be played multiple times on the turn you play them. Each time, it’ll add a ghostly copy of the card back to your hand that disappears at the end of your turn.


Minions with the Rush keyword can attack other minions immediately after they hit the board, either by being played or summoned. They cannot attack heroes until the turn after they enter play, however.

Curse of the Worgen

Some minions are afflicted by the worgen curse and switch their attack and health at the end of your turn while they are in your hand. Once played, these minions no longer switch between human and worgen form.

Monster Hunt

Deep within the woods, an evil presence stirs. A curse has fallen on the Witchwood. You must venture into the forest and root out this foul darkness once and for all. But, beware; strange howls pierce the moonlit night, and fearsome creatures prowl the gloom among the ancient trees and gnarled firs. Hold fast, and let courage see you through this night!

Explore the Witchwood

When you start a new Monster Hunt, you venture into the Witchwood as one of four unique new heroes exclusive to this game mode. Your goal is to fight through a series of eight ever more challenging encounters culminating in an epic showdown with a challenging boss fight.

Unique Heroes

Each of the four new heroes has access to a special hero power and cards that create completely new playstyles and strategies. Their powers are great, but you will need all the help you can get against the Witchwood’s fiendish foes.

Gear Up

After you beat an encounter, you choose loot to improve your Monster Hunt deck. Your choice is between three sets of three cards picked randomly from a number of different thematic buckets available to your current hero. Additionally, at certain intervals you get to add special cards to your deck that improve your unique hero power or otherwise synergize with your hero in a powerful way.

The Witchwood Calls

Four heroes to the Witchwood went
To hunt a monstrous foe
So brave and true was their intent
And still they were brought low.

One brought his guns, one brought his hounds
One brought a bag of tricks
One twisted time, round after round,
And still their plan was nixed.

Four heroes to the Witchwood went
But darkness soon did fall
The hunters now the hunted were
And the Witchwood claimed them all.