For Science!

Can you feel it? That electric tension on the wind, the reek of ozone and Khorium, the distant rumble of explosions; there’s science in the air! Word around the inn is that Dr. Boom has returned to his secret laboratory in the Netherstorm. No one knows exactly what the mad genius will unleash, but a lot of very, VERY strange cards have found their way into decks around here lately: mechanical amalgamations, eerie crystals, revolting, lab-grown monstrosities… the good doctor and his esteemed colleagues are working on something big! Time to venture into the Netherstorm, find the lab, and uncover what these maniacs are up to.

Gold Legendary & Card Back

with Pre-Purchase

Mecha-Jaraxxus Hero

with Mega Bundle

Legendary Spells + Keyword: Magnetic

Fresh from The Lab

Welcome, welcome! The lab is up and running, producing truly amazing AND TERRIBLE results! Step right up and behold our latest inventions! Completely unrelated, but you did fill out the damage waiver when you came in, right?

Breakthrough Discoveries


“Magnetic” minions can fuse with other mechs, to combine stats and other keywords. To fuse, play the magnetic minion to the LEFT of the minion you want to fuse with.

Omega Cards

These cards unleash a powerful effect when you play them at full mana.

Legendary Inventors

Dr. Boom has surrounded himself with some of the finest (and most unhinged) scientific minds of Azeroth and beyond, each putting their own spin on the Boomsday Project.


Let’s be lab partners! Project cards grant a powerful bonus to you and your opponent.

Explosive Comic-al Action!

Follow Dr. Boom in this series of digital comics as he battles his self-created nemesis Robo-Boom on a quest for love.

Unsanctioned Research

Wonderful news, everyone: we’ve got a whole series of exciting experiments lined up that will push the boundaries of acceptable research! Now all we need is a few hapless test subjects lab assistants to help us complete the study.


Destroy the enemy hero.

In this experiment, the assistant is tasked with neutralizing the opponent in one turn using the cards at their disposal. We expect this will provide valuable insights into the destructive properties of many of our inventions.


Create a perfectly mirrored battlefield.

These tasks challenge the assistant to create a board state where both sides are perfect mirror images of each other: minion positioning, health, attack, etc. This should yield plentiful data on various means of board manipulation.

Board Clear

Clear the battlefield of minions.

Pretty straightforward: clear the board of all minions. Our research suggests that minions play an important role in winning matches, and this set of challenges will help us better understand how to get rid of them.


Survive the enemy Hero Power.

Finally, the Survival trial requires the test subject to restore their own health in order to survive their opponent’s next onslaught. A recent study has shown that dropping to zero health inversely correlates with winning games, and this experiment will further explore that relationship.

Volunteers Needed!

WANTED: Lab Assistants

The Boomsday Project’s mission is to create the most EXPLOSIVE adventuring experiences ever! We’re looking for highly-motivated assistants to help us achieve scientific breakthroughs that are well-engineered, informed by rigorous research, and that – of course – fly in the face of common sense and disregard all concerns for public safety!
If you have past experience as a lab assistant, underling, or other kind of henchman, if your love for science dwarfs your need for self-preservation, and if you want to help a team of bleeding-edge scientists probe the extremes of scientific possibility, then the Boomsday Project would love to hear from you!